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So, you’re ready to take on a big kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. All the tools and materials have been selected. And you feel ready to begin—but are you? While it’s true that a renovation can raise your home’s value and your enjoyment of the space, not following up on municipal regulations will end up costing you. A number of remodeling projects require the use of permits before they can be completed, and plumbing renovations are no exception.

By ignoring this procedure, you could set yourself up for major consequences. Homeowners need to understand they’re taking a huge risk by remodeling without the right permits. There are many reasons to apply for them, and few for neglecting them. Want to learn more? Here’s why every home plumbing project should include getting permits.

It Could End Up Costing You

The financial costs of refusing to get the proper permits could be enormous, both in the present and future. If at any point you sell your home, any unauthorized renovations could affect the appraisal and ultimately have a negative impact on its valuation.

On top of that, any potential buyers will likely lose their interest in purchasing your home based on the fact that plumbing remodels were performed without permission, and therefore in a potentially unsafe way.

Also, if a city inspector ever travels to your neighborhood and stumbles upon you conducting unsanctioned construction on your property, you may be subject to a hefty fine, along with having to tear out what you’ve done. In another scenario, if somebody on your street is bothered by your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project and files a formal complaint, possessing a permit could protect you from any penalty or setbacks in your renovation.

Licensed Professionals Always Get Them

A licensed kitchen or bathroom remodeling professional will always insist on pulling permits before starting a job. If they wouldn’t perform a renovation without them, why should you?

Plumbing experts understand the nature of permits and the consequences of refusing to apply for them. In fact, many of them offer to get permits as part of their services.

If they don’t, both parties should sort out who will be responsible for obtaining the appropriate permits. Homeowners who need a hand initiating the process need only to ask them for help. Keep in mind that if you refuse a permit, then a plumbing professional may turn down your job.

Remodeling Must Meet Safety Standards

Following permitting procedure can be time-consuming, and it does come with a fee, but there’s a good reason for why you need to acquire one.

Permits are designed to preserve the safety of residents and neighbors by ensuring all building projects adhere to a strict code.

If you’ve got any questions about acquiring permits in for your project, contact a Little Rock, AR plumber or your municipal offices.

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