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5 Home Winterization Tips

It might not be cold just yet in your Little Rock area, but always stay top of mind on the ways to winterize your home.

Homeowners should be proactive in winterizing their homes before it gets too cold. An unknown fact to many homeowners is that pipes do not burst at the point at the pipe where the water freezes.

The pipes burst at some point between the freeze point and a closed faucet. This could either be a sink faucet, or a different source of water such as a washing machine.

Pressure builds in the pipe, due to ice blockage, and it has nowhere to go besides through all pipe walls.

This will most certainly lead to extensive and expensive water damage. There are several things one can do to the home to prevent this from happening.

Pipe Insulation

Pipes are most susceptible to freeze damage when temperatures are at or below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

To winterize pipes, add a very thick layer of insulation, such as polyethylene or fiberglass, around all pipes.

Insulate the pipes in the areas that are not heated. These are the most likely areas to freeze. It is important to take extra care of pipes that have frozen in the past, as these are more susceptible to damage. Wrapping pipes in heat-tape before insulating them may also be beneficial.

Let the Faucets Drip

When temperature are expected to drop below 20 degrees, turn on faucets along the exterior walls of the house in order to create a small, but steady, drip. This will stop the pressure that may build between the water source and an ice blockage. This may prevent a pipe from bursting if it freezes.

Fix Exterior Cracks

Look for cracks and holes along the outside walls and foundation of the Little Rock home. Using spray foam to fill these holes will insulate the structure, preventing cold from meeting water pipes.

Open Cabinets

More heat will reach pipes if all cabinet doors around the exterior walls with sinks above them are left open.

Seal off Crawl Space

Houses with ventilated crawl spaces need to be sealed during the cold weather. Cover vents with thick cardboard cut precisely to fit each vent. Duct tape the cardboard into place securely.

Seal off any access to the crawl space. Check for old insulation around garage doors and any other door that may have access to the house. This will reduce the amount of cold air that is able to enter the home.

Winter is almost upon us in the Little Rock, AR area. To get the best advice on winterizing your home, call Arrow Plumbing at (501) 322-8606 today!

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