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Over 80% of the water in the United States is so-called “hard water” which simply means that the water contains naturally occurring minerals that affect the quality of water usage. Most of these minerals are dissolved during treatment at municipal water plants, but it is not uncommon for trace elements to remain. These minerals can cause problems concerning both health and pipe safety. A water softener installation is necessary when hard water begins to affect your home.
The results of having hard water may be a milky film that forms on objects exposed to the water regularly, such as faucets or shower doors and curtains. Clothes that are washed in hard water may come out of the washer with a white residue and feel harsh to the touch. Many people report that their hair feels stiff after showering. Gardeners using hard water may also have problems with their plants, as the unwanted minerals in the water may negatively affect their growth.
Despite all the problems they cause these mineral residues are not harmful to your health. Yet that doesn’t make it any less inconvenient and unpleasant to deal with all the side effects of the minerals in hard water. The best means of fixing the effects of hard water is to purchase a water softener for your home. Water softeners work by using a chemical process that replaces the unwanted minerals in your water with benign substances like potassium or sodium. This process of changing hard water to “soft water” can have many benefits such as:

Clothes that look, feel and smell fresher.
Better functioning of your water heater.
Longer lasting and better performing plumbing.
Easier housecleaning of showers and sinks.
Less need for laundry and dishwashing detergent.
Time and energy saved that would otherwise be spent on removing residues and cleaning.

Adopting the technology needed to transform your home’s water from hard to soft is not a major project. Most professionals can install the equipment in a single day. Such an upgrade is a wise investment considering all the benefits of soft water and the trouble and inconvenience that problems associated with hard water may cause.
If you need a water softening system installed in your Arkansas, AR home, call the best local plumber for the job: Arrow Plumbing. We are Little Rock’s best priced, fastest working and most reliable plumber. Call us today at (501) 588-3200 for our supreme service.

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