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Signs Your Home Needs To Be Repiped
Plumbing doesn’t last forever, it has a limited life span like everything else. There are many reasons why piping in your house may need to be replaced. Here are the most common signs that you house may need to have it’s piping replaced.
Leaks are the most obvious sign. Where one leak may appear it is likely there are more leaks. Joints can become rusted and valves can fail from corrosion. Hard water and lime deposits result in small leaks at first but progress to more serious problems.
Air in the lines can be a sign of pipe degradation that occurs after time. If spits and spurts are occurring in your shower or a facet, then it may be time to repipe your house.
Poor or strange tasting water can be a sign of several problems including the need to repipe. The common cause for the bad taste is old pipes. You should first have the water tested for contamination concerns. Generally a piping issue will result in a copper taste in your water.
If there is a decrease in water pressure it should be investigated. There may be many different reasons but buildup of corrosive materials in pipes is one of the most common cause. If you are turning you facets on full blast with little results it is time to investigate the plumbing.
Sediment in your water may mean your old metal pipes have corroded. Rust stains in your sinks, toilets and showers may mean it’s time to call repiping plumbing company.
If you notice any of these problems it is best to have them checked. Or if you have an older home and may be concerned about the piping it is safest to have your concerns addressed. Contact a plumbing service near you to have your house inspected. Does your Little Rock home need to be repiped? Call us today (501) 753-3838 for immediate service.

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