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Dangers Of Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line
One of the biggest dangers that can affect the sewer line of a home is tree roots. Although it may not seem like the roots of trees have any impact on piping at all, the fact remains that roots can have a devastating impact, which may result in extensive plumbing work being done. Here are some helpful items to keep in mind about tree roots and sewer lines.
To begin, keep in mind that tree roots are thirsty. Roots go about trying to find water and nutrients to enable the tree to grow more and more. To a tree, an excellent source of water, which does not end, are water pipes. Water pipes have the water that the trees need, and the roots will continually be satisfied, whether it is winter or summer.
As tree roots invade a sewer line, the purpose is to drink as much water as is possible. Contrary to popular belief, tree roots do not rapidly expand when water is plentiful. Instead, tree roots expand when water in pipes is not an available source. Therefore, roots push further into pipes in search of water. The more roots there are in a pipe, the more likely it is for a sewer line to back up, since the roots are clogging up the pipe. While it may not be obvious that roots are causing sewer line problems, it may be evident that roots could be the source of challenges, since a basement drain backs up everything time a washing machine is on.
Home remedies do not take care of the roots in a sewer line. A professional plumber can stop by and take care of the problem at hand. Plumbers have the experience and expertise that is necessary when removing roots from a sewer line. In addition to this, plumbers have a wide variety of tools and equipment to make the work go quickly.
When tree roots are in a sewer line, contact a professional plumber. The work can be done quickly, and the roots will no longer damage the piping. When in need, contact a plumber today.
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