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Is it time to get your plumbing up to speed?
Every homeowner should get the plumbing in their house checked annually because you don’t want to have a sudden plumbing emergency. Most homeowners take this part of home maintenance for granted.Give the plumbing of your house regular attention to prevent any plumbing emergencies. Have a thorough whole house plumbing inspection.Not many people are even aware of the existence of this kind of service.The inspector will begin with the piping of the house. He may have to crawl into the crawlspace or into the attic. The material and the age of pipes like the vent pipe, combustible vent pipe, gas pipe, portable water pipe, and the condensation pipe will then be evaluated. These pipes will be checked for leaks, faulty material, safety, and health issues, and installation.
The pressure of the water pressure should not exceed 55 psi with a drop of 10 psi running pressure. Water pressure depends on the time of the day.
Thermal tanks for expansion are necessarily installed if the street pressure exceeds the blow up pressure. They are essential for preventing any damage to the plumbing fixtures.
The plumbing inspector will also check relief valves, fixtures, sewer drains, toilets, isolation valves, water alarms, and water damage to the house.
Relief valves are essential if your house has a water heater with or without tank. It should be installed properly for preventing water heater bursting. Isolation valves are situated before the gas or water pipes enter your house. They are also located next to the plumbing fixtures like shower, tub, toilets, sinks, etc., and other appliances. The valves can have problems relating to material or functionality. If isolation valves do not function properly, then they can cause water damage to your home.
The plumbing fixtures and toilets of the house will also be inspected to identify issues that can cause water damage. If they do not function properly, then there can be flooding problems. Toilet seats should be properly installed and fastened to the floor.
The inspection of the sewer drains is, perhaps, the most important part of your plumbing inspection. If the inspector finds that the drain assemblies, pop-up and p-traps have problems, he will get those cleaned and serviced.
Water alarms should be essentially installed for the water heater, beneath the sinks and at the back of the refrigerator, dishwasher and automatic washer to detect water damage instantly.
A plumbing inspection will include these and a few things. They will inspect the entire house for plumbing defects and inform you as to what steps you must take for rectification.

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