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Determining which type of pipe to use for a plumbing job requires an understanding of which types of pipes are available, and what the benefits and drawbacks of each type are. All of the most commonly available pipes apply well to multiple situations but using the best pipe for the job is always best. The major pipe choices currently being sold are PVC, PEX, and copper piping.
Copper pipes are the most commonly used pipes for plumbing work. The biggest advantage of using copper for a plumbing job is that copper plumbing lasts for a long time. It is not unheard of for a copper pipe installation to last as long as 50 years. One problem copper pipe installations have is that copper is prone to burst unexpectedly.
PVC piping is a less expensive alternative to copper piping. In its function, PVC performs its job well. One possible issue with PVC is that it can crack in cold weather conditions. Due to the humid climate of Arkansas, this is not typically a problem.
PEX piping is ideally suited for areas where copper and PVC piping is too large to install easily. In that PEX has only been on the market for a decade, not much is known about the longevity of this type of pipe installation. PEX is known to be more flexible than copper and PVC.
When choosing the pipe for a particular job an expert plumber weighs a number of factors. Expense is always one of the factors. Additionally, difficulty of installation plays a part in the expert’s choices. Finally, plumbers think about how easy or difficult getting back to the installation might be.
Ultimately, any of these pipe choices can provide a satisfactory experience. The results depend on the quality of installation and the application, which the pipe is used for. Selecting the right pipe for the job is made much easier buy the help of a qualified plumber.
What makes a veteran plumbers advice valuable is their experience. An expert plumber does thousands of installations during their career. Each one of these jobs is a learning experience that they carry forward. They can assure you of the most beneficial pipe to use in your specific situation. Their advice can save you time and money by having pipes which will last. Get the repair done right the first time by relying on the plumbing expertise of Arrow Plumbing. Our unparalleled piping service in the Little Rock, AR is well known. Call us today at   (501) 322-8606

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