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Why your Plumbing Water is Discolored

There is nothing worse than turning on your sink faucet to get a cold cup of water to drink only to find a yellow, discolored look coming out of the faucet in your Little Rock home. There are many reasons why your water might be discolored. We are going to look at common reasons why your plumbing may be pumping out discolored water and what it means. Colors you might find running out of your water are yellow, brown, and a reddish brown.

Yellow Water

A common problem with older homes is when your sink pumps out yellow water. The color goes away after leaving the water running for several minutes.
If you, children or a pet drinks this water, there is no need for alarm. The colors are caused by high concentration of manganese or iron in the water. Another reason for the water color is that it may be coming from a iron bacteria. The bacteria depend on the iron found in your water pipes. The bacteria is also harmless but can cause yellow stains. It is harmless when mixed in water, however, it doesn’t mean that you should be chugging down this water.

The main concern you should worry about is that the iron and manganese will cause stains to appear on any clothes or furniture that it makes contact with. The reddish brown color comes from the rust forming in your pipes.

Other Causes

Check with the local Water Distribution Center in your area for any information about the discoloring of your water. They may be conducting repairs or replacing water mains that could be the cause of your water colors. Most Distribution Centers have a program that flush out water from the pipes in order to rid the water from any debris or rust in the water.

If your home has galvanized pipe plumbing, then that will cause discoloring to the water. Galvanize materials has a layer of zinc which protects the pipe surface from rust but over time, the zinc layer will wear off, leaving the pipe surface exposed and causing the pipe to rust. The galvanized pipe will start to rust from the inside, which will cause your water to be discolored until repairs can be made or replaced. Do not attempt to do this yourself. This repair calls for a professional.

Other Colors of Water

Be aware of a greenish-blue tint to the water. This is caused from houses with copper plumbing. Copper can leave behind stains when evaporated and can be harmful if consumed in large amounts. If consumed, it can lead to gastrointestinal diseases and liver or kidney damage. Call your local plumbing experts and have them replaced immediately.

Watch out for black stains. Black indicates a presence of mildew. There are many colors that can come out of your water so it is best to knowledge yourself what each color means. Most colors are harmless enough but other colors can cause harm or damage to you or your house. Contact your local Little Rock plumbing water experts to identify or repair any color coming out of your sink!

If your water is discolored in your Little Rock, AR home, call Arrow Plumbing at (501) 753-3838 today, and we’ll solve the problem for you!

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