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Garbage Disposal Odor Issues


Little Rock PlumberOne of the greatest responsibilities when it comes to taking care of the house is keeping it and the garbage disposal clean and free of trash and unwanted debris. There was a time when the quickest way to ensure that your kitchen did not smell of aged food was to assign someone with the responsibility.

Sadly, that task was not always fulfilled and the stink of old food would draw unpleasant comments, and even a few flying insects might turn your trash can into their home. With the advent of the garbage disposal unit, that problem was drastically reduced as leftover food was scraped into the unit and shredded before being flushed down the drain.

My Disposer Smells Really Bad

Even though the disposer served its purpose and reduced the inhabitants of the home to extended periods of food storage, it would be possible for that unit to experience its fair share of problems.

Part of the problem is that the longer the unit is used, the more it experiences a build-up of shredded food particles along the interior walls. Clearly this build up, or slime if you prefer, is not readily accessible from the outside and residents are not aware of the problem until it has been removed.

What Can A Plumber Do To Get Rid Of That Smell?

Naturally, this unwanted fragrance needs to be eliminated and who would be better to handle such a task than your friendly neighborhood plumber. The moment we arrive on the scene your garbage disposal unit will be evaluated to ensure that it is functioning effectively.

Garbage DisposalThis checkup will also lean towards leakage and any unseen rust that may be developing. Following that evaluation, our task will be to clean and remove that unwanted build up and flush the unit so that it runs and smells like new again.

What Shouldn’t I Put Into My Disposer?

One of the main reasons why disposers break down is because the user may not realize that there are certain items that react negatively to the unit. Many food items like egg shells and coffee grounds may not initially look like a problem, however, shoving these items down the disposer can end up damaging your blades.

Even though it should be obvious, it is worth pointing out that any kind of oil or heavy grease should be disposed of by any other source than your disposer, especially since this is connected to your plumbing.

Take care of your garbage disposal and it will provide you with excellent service.

Is your garbage disposal clogged and smelling up your Little Rock kitchen? No need to wait, Call Arrow Plumbing at (501) 753-3838 and get the right plumbing services you need.

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