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Does your toilet keep running and running? It can be so annoying and often it is wasting money and causing your water bill to be higher then needed. It is possible to fix the toilet but many people don’t have the time to try it. They let it run and run for many months before they deicide to do something about it.
This is a common problem and one of the most common reasons people call a plumber. It can be easy to fix for a minimal cost. Some people try to take the lid off the tank and buy parts for the toilet. The directions say it is easy to do, but for many people it can be confusing. It is important to buy the exact fittings and put them in correctly. If it is done wrong, the toilet will continue to run and waste water.
People who try this themselves often cause bigger problems and then the plumbing bill starts adding up. It is important to know and understand exactly what you are doing before taking this job on. Anyone who is doubtful about the process will often save money by calling a licensed, bonded plumber. They have all the knowledge and equipment. In a few minutes, they will be able to see the problem. Most of them have the parts right on their truck. They can often repair a running toilet in less then an hour.
Remember when you toilet keeps running, it could be a number of things. A leaky control diaphragm is one of the most common reasons, but it could also be a faulty fill value. Don’t waste time and money trying to do this yourself if you are unsure of what the problem is and how to fix it.
Most plumbers can come out very quickly and fix the toilet. They are happy to provide this service and know that if the homeowner is happy, they will call them again if they have a larger problem. So if your toilet is running and running throughout the day, make that call and get it fixed. It is a simple thing to do and a good plumber will be glad to be of service for this simple repair.
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