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What Is Hydrojetting and It’s Benefits?


HydrojettingBest compared to power washing, hydro-jet cleaning is a technique that uses high powered water streams to remove blockages in plumbing lines and tanks. Water is forced into the lines with extreme pressure, anywhere from 7,000 to 60,000 PSI. Hydrojetting even has the capability of removing the scum that builds up on the inside of pipes—something that no other clearing method is capable of. Plumbing companies use this advanced method of cleaning as a cost effective maintenance solution as it lasts longer when compared to traditional rooter services. Hydrojetting has also proven to be significantly valuable in removing grease buildup and even tree roots that block sewer lines.

Hydrojetting Grease

Grease accumulations inside of pipelines can have hazardous repercussions on any sewer system. Over time, different fats, oils, and grease combine and thicken to quickly clog pipelines and deposit a flow of harmful waste grease into sewer lines and water treatment plants. This can have damaging impacts on the environment as well as be expensive to fix. Hydrojetting these pipes is a proven solution to this problem. The 15- 18 gallons of water that are used per minute not only clear the blockage, saving customers money and time, but it also cleans the pipes well enough that they will stay clean longer.

Hydrojetting Roots

Roots growing and interfering with sewer lines have always been a catastrophic problem for both home and business owners. If left unattended, roots have the capability of invading sewer lines and completely shredding them. Roots are a powerful force and can move and even crack pipes, which would require expensive repair or even replacement. Hydrojetting, however, is powerful enough to dislodge entire root systems from pipelines.

Little Rock PlumberHydrojetting Debris

Unlike common rooting or snaking, hydrojetting does more than simply poke a hole in the blockage. An experienced plumber who has all of the elements in his favor may be able to clear the pipe to close to its original diameter, but hydrojetting is the only way to completely clear and clean the inside of pipes and restore them to their original drainage capabilities. The sheer power of the high pressured water involved in hydrojetting flushes nearly all debris out of the pipeline leaving it clean and clear.

Hydrojetting has been used as both an emergency solution and also as routine maintenance. Restaurants and other businesses often use this method of cleaning routinely in order to avoid costly problems in the future. Each sewer problem requires a different solution, but hydrojetting has proven to be the only way to completely clear lines in a cost effective and long-lasting manner.

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