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What is Causing Those Clogged Drains?
At one point or another, every homeowner has experienced a clogged drain. Whether it’s an overflowing tub or a sink that simply won’t drain fast enough, the frustration is real when your drains are clogged.
Did you know that fall is drain cleaning season? It’s the best time of year to schedule a thorough and comprehensive drain cleaning service.
Make sure you add drain cleaning to your fall home preparation checklist, that way, when the holidays roll around, your drains will be clean and the chances of experiencing a clogged drain emergency will be reduced.
What Causes Clogs in the First Place?
Even if you use drain screens and try to avoid letting debris and other material down the drain, there is still a chance that your drain will collect junk that can cause a clog. The most common contributors to clogged drains include hair, skin flakes, food, grease and oil.
Naturally occurring minerals that have precipitated out of the water can also create clogs in the drain. When these materials collect in the drain, they stick to the side of the pipe and harden over time. This creates a stubborn clog that is often extremely difficult to remove.
What’s the Best Way to Handle a Clog?
Many homeowners will reach for a bottle of chemical drain cleaner to take care of a clogged drain. These products are efficient and inexpensive. However, they also corrode your pipes and lead to burst pipes with repeated use.
This is an emergency that no one wants to experience, so put down the bottle of liquid chemical drain cleaner and try this method instead:
The best way to handle a clogged drain is to plunge it with your plunger. The suction will loosen the clog and allow it to wash through the system safely and effectively. If you try plunging the clog and it still won’t go away, the issue may be more serious and may require the help of a professional. Call a plumber right away for a quick and efficient solution.
Benefits of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning
One of the most effective methods for drain cleaning is using high-pressure water jets to blast through clogs. This method is best left to professionals because it’s very important to make sure the correct intensity of pressure is utilized.
For example, if the pressure is too low, it won’t clean the drains properly but if it’s too high, it could damage the pipe and cause it to shift out of place. This method is also good for smoothing out the inner pipe wall to prevent future clogs from forming.
If you’re interested in scheduling a professional drain cleaning appointment this fall, call Arrow Plumbing at 501-588-3200 for service in Little Rock, AR, and the surrounding area.

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