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What is a Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair
A blockage or break in a subsurface sewer pipe can send a homeowner into a frenzy. The process can be costly and lead to damage of trees and other vegetation in the immediate area. There are methods available that can solve the problem by repairing the pipe without extensive excavation of the property.
Trenchless sewer pipe repair is an innovative process that allows a contractor to repair a broken, cracked or collapsed pipe with minimal property invasion. There are two types of trenchless sewer pipe repair and include pipe bursting and pipe relining. Both methods require minimal excavating to expose one or two entry points to the pipe and eliminate excavating the entire sewer line.
The pipe bursting method includes the exposure of an entry point at the beginning and end of the sewer line. The old pipe is blown apart as the new pipe is pulled through it and destroys the damaged line and replaces it with a high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) that is considerably stronger than any other type of pipe and has a much longer service life.
The pipe relining method requires the exposure of the pipe as it comes out of the house, usually a sewer service inspection port. A pipe made of a flexible material is pulled through the old pipe to the connection point, either a septic system or the municipal sewer trunk line. The flexible pipe is inflated with a liquid squirted into the pipe. The old pipe is lined with a pipe that expands and fills the shape of the old pipe and hardens to a material that is comparable to HDPE.
Both processes are construction friendly and allow piping to be replaced without disturbing driveways, walkways and lawns. The contractor will perform a TV camera inspection of the compromised pipe and recommend the most appropriate repair method. Using either one of the trenchless repair methods will save homeowner money and a contractor time. One of the benefits of either method is the replacement pipe will be one continuous length, which means no pipe seams that leak or can be otherwise compromised.
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