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Things to know about trenchless sewer pipe repair
Trenchless sewer pipe repair is a method of fixing a broken, old, underground pipe that does not require a continuous trench in replacing the big pipes. This type of method has a number of advantages that can save the environment as well as the expenses. Trenchless sewer pipe repair is the easiest and the most trusted way that can assure that the pipes are free of clogged debris and can function for a long time. This repair method uses a trenchless technique that does not need to dig a large hole that can cause more damage to the pipes and even to the environment.
The two common techniques being used by local plumbers are pipe lining and pipe burstingmethod. In the pipe lining method, a pipe line is inserted into the affected area of the sewer pipe. The pipe line is a flexible tube that is pulled or blown towards the damaged area of the pipe and is inflated to cover any hole or damage. When the pipe is in place, the pipe line that was inflated will harden for several hours, concealing all the damages of the pipe. Creating a pipe within a pipe will save time and at the same time make the pipe more durable to further use and damage.
On the other hand, pipe bursting is the simultaneous pulling of new pipes into the damaged or old pipes. Some pipes have collapsed that makes pipe lining impossible. This is why pipe bursting is the best alternative since it requires total removal and replacement of the pipe. In this method, holes on the ground for both ends of the lateral pipe are necessary to access the whole pipe that is buried underground.
Both methods are said to be durable and can last longer than the original pipes. With these methods, more money can be saved and the damage would most likely be less. These are methods that cannot be done by home owners alone. Discounts and warranties are also given by local plumbing companies; hence, it is important to check which of them are the best and reliable in fixing the sewer pipes. It is necessary to call the experts or local plumbers to fix it in just one time.
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