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A water heater is a very common household item. It converts different kind of energies into the heat and then transfers that heat to the water using natural gas or electricity. If you don’t pay attention to your water heater, you can be left freezing cold in the middle of a nice hot shower.
The first and most common issue with this item is that it stops providing you with hot water altogether. This can be caused from a multitude of problems. Typically, the most common problem is burnt out wires or fried wires from a water leak. If your water heater is under an AC unit, this is usually the culprit.
On the other hand if your heater is not giving you enough hot water then the tank of your heater may need to be cleaned. Sometimes you can experience a mineral scale buildup. In this type of situation your tank needs to be disconnected from the power, cooled, and drained.
Discoloring of the water is another problem often experienced. The basic reason of this issue is that different minerals like iron and copper start to disperse in the water from your heaters tank. A plumber may then choose to install a water softener to fix this problem.
Leaks can be caused from temperature pressure relief. The temperature pressure relief valve was designed to dispense the water when the pressure gets too high. If it breaks, it can cause leaks which can turn into small floods. A plumber will be able to inspect your valve to make sure it is working properly.
A water heater is essential to keep hot water running through your residence. Water heaters are quite difficult and sensitive so if you do something wrong you can ruin them entirely. It is very important to get the proper help from a plumber when you are dealing with water heater issues–not only will they fix it right but they may be able to keep you from having to buy a new one!
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