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The Truth About Garbage Disposal Units
Is having a garbage disposal unit a good idea or not? The best time to consider the addition of one is when you are building a new kitchen or renovating an old one. It is possible to add a unit to an existing sink, but there may not be enough space under your sink for the necessary electrical and plumbing adaptations. Environmentally, most disposal units can end up having a positive impact. If you live in the city, then any food waste that disappears down your sink will not be attracting pests. There will also be less garbage placed in bags. This means lower trash service bills for the homeowner if they are charged by the bag. It also means less trash sitting in a landfill. If a local septic system will be absorbing the waste, then there are microorganisms to break it down. There are also specially designed units that will chop up the waste into very fine pieces. 
When it comes to cleanliness, it depends upon your perspective. If family members have the bad habit of putting plates in the sink that have not been scraped off, then a garbage disposal will help significantly. Units that come with a removable splash guard can help you make sure utensils do not sneak down the drain when you least expect it. There are simple methods to avoid odors, as well. Simply grinding up orange or lemon rinds will eliminate most bad scents. Crunching ice cubes helps keep the blades clean, too. The biggest problem with a garbage disposal system is not really a problem. Once you have enjoyed the convenience they afford, you will find it very difficult to live without one. There will be no more scraping tiny, unrecognizable food scraps from a drain plug. Kitchen clean-up will be faster. Life will never be the same.
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