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DIY Wet Wipes (Why Flushing Regular Wipes Will Clog Your Drains)
Is it better to use toilet paper or disposable wipes?

It’s not really a debate if it’s better to use toilet paper or disposable wipes because this is a personal choice, and some choose one while some choose the other. The people who use toilet paper may have been used to it and have been using it for so many years that they choose not to clean themselves any other way.

Those who have changed to disposable wipes more than likely used to use toilet paper but felt that they didn’t get the cleanest feeling after using toilet paper.

The fact is, that toilet paper leaves a person feeling unclean. Using a cleansing wipe or disposable wipe can help to clean the area that’s wiped as well as gets rid of the unclean feeling, which is something that toilet paper is not able to do. Those who use cleansing wipes can also avoid having to shower or wash after every bathroom use, just because they want to have a cleaner feeling.

Although wipes are now being used widely amongst adults, disposing of the wipes is what’s becoming a problem, and the toilets are suffering from all the wipes that are being flushed down them.

Why is it bad to flush disposable wipes?

It’s a terrible idea to flush disposable wipes because the label “disposable” or even “flushable” is just a lie.

This same label has been put on cleaning items, such as toilet scrubbers that have removable heads, and it’s stated that the head can be flushed, but even these are not flushable because they can also cause clogs within the pipes. It’s not only the fact that disposable wipes can cause clogs but also the fact that they don’t degrade very well or very quickly, and they can also cause problems for the end receiver of the waste, which is the sewage treatment centers.

If you flush too many of the wipes, then it’s likely that you’re going to get a clog, especially since the pipes typically are only about four inches in thickness, which means it’s very easy for clogs to develop in the pipes.

Some people have been unlucky enough for the wipes to end up in the septic tank, which is larger, and the clog within the tank is humongous and completely out of control, causing all kinds of problems for the plumbing in the home.

Is there an alternative to flushing wipes?

There is another way to get rid of wipes, instead of flushing them, but many people don’t like the alternative. When a parent used to use the wet wipes to clean their baby after the child had a diaper that was dirty, then it’s likely that they took the wipes and put them in the dirty diaper, closed that the diaper and threw it in the garbage.

Some homes even had special keepers for the diapers, which held the diaper until they were ready to throw it into the garbage, and it kept the diaper from leaving a foul odor in the home. The wipes can go in these types of holders as well, but many choose to flush the wipes instead, especially if they are not using it on a child that has messed themselves. It’s always wise to throw a wet wipe into the garbage because it has a hard time degrading in the toilets, and because of the fact that it can cause a lot of clogs.

If you’re not comfortable throwing away wet wipes in the garbage, then you may want to consider using toilet paper again unless you don’t mind the problems that may occur if you continue flushing your wet wipes down the toilet.

Other Problems That Can be Caused by Flushing Wet Wipes

The biggest problem caused by flushing wet wipes is the clogs, but you also have to be considerate of other people who also use the sewage system, such as neighbors that are close to you. What you do in your toilet can eventually affect someone close by you, especially if the clog coming from the wipes is deep enough in the sewage system to cause problems for other homes.

The fact is, some people don’t care about what happens to others’ homes unless it’s something that directly affects them, so some people will not realize what problems they are causing by flushing wet wipes until their home has a clogging problem.

The major problems caused by flushing wet wipes are:

Clogs in the pipes
Backed up drains throughout the home
Other homes may get sewer problems
You may need toilet repair
Drain cleaning may be needed as well
It can be costly to remove the clog
The pipes may have to be removed to get to the clog

When you know exactly what problems you may face if you flush your wet wipes, then it should give you enough of a deterrent to do something else with your wet wipes, such as throwing them in the garbage.

You can even choose to designate a certain garbage container for your wet wipes alone, and if it’s properly covered, then the smell will not be a problem.

Your Plumber May be the Only Person Who Can Fix the Problem

If you have problems with your plumbing system for any reason and need toilet repair, or if you’ve considered getting drain cleaning to clean out your drains properly, then you’ll need a plumber, especially since they’re the only ones who can do this kind of work.

Keeping your drains clean throughout the year and calling for drain cleaning services annually is a great way to avoid clogs (as well as avoiding to flush wet wipes in the first place).

Call your plumber from Arrow Plumbing at   (501) 322-8606 in Little Rock, AR for great plumbing services.

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