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Ways to reduce your water heater’s energy consumption


Heating the water used in your home can literally drain your wallet. The cost of hot water may represent almost 20 percent of your entire home energy bill, equaling hundreds of dollars every year. However, there are five ways of significantly reducing your water heating bill that can be accomplished easily and inexpensively. Read on to see how you can reduce how much energy your water heater uses.

Reduce Your Water Usage

The installation of low-flow heads on showers and aerators on faucets can together reduce water usage by at least a quarter and possibly as much as half the current amount. This practice will reduce both your water and your heating bills.

You should also adjust your dishwasher to the “economy” setting. Additionally, you may need to change your personal habits if they include manually rinsing the dishes before putting them in the machine.

Adjust the Thermostat on the Water Heater

The thermostats on the tanks of water heaters are usually adjusted far above what is necessary to make the water comfortably warm. The heat of the water should be set to around 120 degrees.

In the event that it does not have a numbered gauge, the thermostat should be set between the “low” and “medium” indications, and the water can then be tested with a thermometer.

Periodically Drain the Tank

Draining the sediment that accumulates in the tank will make a water heater run more efficiently and can in the process reduce your costs.

The tank can be drained by attaching a garden hose to the spigot on the tank and allowing the water to run into the basement drain or the ground outside. This should be done on a quarterly basis, although it is not necessary to completely empty the tank.

Insulate the Tank

Wrapping the tank with an insulation blanket can reduce the loss of heat by up to 45 percent and, in turn, significantly lower operating costs. Such blankets are inexpensive and can be installed with ease.

Although newer water heaters may come with insulation, they may be even more efficient with additional covering. However, you need to confirm this with the manufacturer.

Insulate the Pipes

Water flowing through pipes that are insulated will be warmer when it arrives at the tap, which will reduce the time and energy needed for heating.

A few simple changes in your behavior and in your home existing facilities will go a long way in reducing your energy expenses.

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