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What Consumes the Most Water in my Home? 

Every homeowner dreams to have the lowest expenditure on utilities due to their water consumption. However, this has proved a challenge to many owing to the fact that monthly bills sometimes exceed their expectations.

This is not to mean one cannot save. All you need to is a careful assessment of the house and its vicinity to find out what should be done to lower the expenditure on things like water and electricity.

Have you ever wondered why your water bills are becoming unusually high? Well, this could be attributed to some few things that have stood hidden from your knowledge.

High-Flow Shower Heads

The type of shower heads you have chosen matter a lot when it comes to water consumption. One of the biggest reason you could be having high water bills is the use of high-flow shower heads which increase water consumption by 50%.

They release more water than is needed and for this reason, you would expect nothing but higher water bills. Therefore, the best remedy is to choose low-flow heads which are relatively cheaper to buy and help in cutting unnecessary water consumption.

Over-watering Lawns

As a homeowner, you need to pay attention to the way you are used to watering your lawns. For instance, it would not be wise to keep watering in the heat because obviously this water is carried away through evaporation.

As a result, you are forced to repeat the process many times to ensure the lawns do not wither. This translates to an increase in the amount of water that is used on daily basis and hence high bills at the end of the month. If maintaining the lawns proves a menace, then it would be wise to hire someone with some experience in that field.

Only water your lawns when the weather is cool because this is the time the flowers can benefit fully from the water.

Toilet Leaks

This is a special case that most homeowners rarely acknowledge yet it is among the biggest reasons you are having high water bills. In severe cases, you may realize you are losing 30 to 40 gallons on daily basis.

Remember all this water passed through the meter and is counted as part of your consumption whereas in real sense you have not used that much.

This leads us to a conclusion that any homeowner needs the services of experts who can examine your plumbing system to ascertain whether such flaws may be inflating water bills and how they can be countered.

Is your water bill too high in your Little Rock home? Call Arrow Plumbing at (501) 753-3838 to get more tips on how to save water.

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