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How Does Preventive Maintenance Ultimately Save Me Money? 

The plumbing in the home works as a system to provide hot and cold water and remove waste from the home. When part of this system fails, it costs the homeowner time and money to have repairs undertaken.
Preventive maintenance spots potential failure points or areas of concern and these areas can be repaired and potentially reducing the time, cost and inconvenience of a more extensive repair.
Regular Inspections
As with any other system, the plumbing in the home is under constant stress. Both from use and from the elements. Over time, this stress and fatigue builds up and threatens to cause the system to fail.
By having regular inspections by qualified plumbers, problem areas can be identified that represent potential failure points. If needed, minor repairs can be effected that will prevent system problems and potential collapse.
Minor Repairs, Minor Costs
When minor repairs are needed and undertaken this prevents these areas from reaching the point where the system fails. For example, during a regular inspection a root was discovered in the sewage line exiting the home.
Discovered during an inspection, the plumber removes the root, preventing a potential stoppage that could back into the home. Should this repair minor repair not be undertaken and a stoppage occurs, it will cost more to get the system repaired than it would to have discovered and undertaken a minor repair.
Saves Time and Effort

One of the important reasons for regular inspections and preventive maintenance is to save the inconvenience of a system failure. This goes beyond the potential cost savings, as a system failure can cause a lot of time and effort on the part of the homeowner to be wasted.
Consider should a failure such as a backup or broken pipe in the middle of the night. Had preventative repairs and maintenance been undertaken the expense of having to call a plumber out in the middle of the night is well worth it and being able to sleep known your system is working is also worth it.
Preventative maintenance will save the homeowner time and money and give piece of mind that the home plumbing system is in good shape and working properly.
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