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Tips For Preventing Clogged Pipes This President’s Day

The holidays are great as it gives you and your family a time to get together, bond, and eat all the delicious foods you can cook up. The last thing on your mind is going to be your plumbing, but this also where the problems can start.

The more people that are in your home, the more your plumbing has to work outside of the norm. And this is especially true when there’s a lot of cooking.

While honoring the leaders of the nation is always a blast, particularly with some home cooked meals, you have to keep some tips in mind to avoid clogged pipes.

While most homeowners think their bathroom may be the weak point, your kitchen might actually be the bigger cause for concern. Be sure to read on and learn a few helpful tips to keep your kitchen safe from clogs.

Easy Ways to Avoid a Clog

Your kitchen sink is going to get a lot of work when you’re cutting veggies, washing dishes, and getting lunch ready. That’s why it’s important to avoid doing some of the following:

Throwing Cooking Grease Down the Drain – It may seem like an easy place to throw your grease, particularly when you’re in a rush, but that grease can be one of the leading causes for clogged pipes. As it hardens, it creates blockages in your plumbing, that prevents water from flowing through.
Large Scraps and Debris – You’re going to have a lot of kitchen scraps, but they shouldn’t find their way down your drain. If some of these items are too large, they can get lodged in your home’s plumbing.
Coffee Grounds – After a good meal, you’re going to want a nice cup of coffee with dessert. But sure to toss those grounds in your garbage and not your sink, if you want to avoid an annoying clog.

As a rule of thumb, you should always have a garbage can nearby so you can easily get rid of scraps and cooking mess to better protect your pipes.

How Food Disposals Can Help

A garbage disposal is the easiest way to automate some of the cleaning in your kitchen. For smaller scraps and debris, it can easily be broken down by a food disposal.

This helps prevent clogs in your pipes, while also adding another convenience in your home. By spending less time cleaning up scraps and rooting around in your kitchen sink, you can enjoy more time with your family and friends.

If you use your kitchen and host often, it’s always a good idea to consider upgrading your existing garbage disposal. These systems come in all capacities and power levels, making it easier for homeowners that rely on them often.

What to do if You Need Drain Cleaning?

If the worst case scenario happens, and you find yourself with a clogged pipe, you may be wondering what to do.

Drain cleaning has a lot of different methods that all have a range of effectiveness. Many homeowners rely on store-bought cleaners, but these can damage your pipes and only offer a temporary fix.

When you hire a plumbing pro they’ll either use a snake to push through the blockage, allowing the pressure to do the rest, or using a hydro-jetter. These systems use highly pressurized water to remove any and all blockages from your pipes.

With a little care and concern, you can avoid all these clogging issues and focus on what matters most, family time and delicious food. So be sure to let your kitchen crew know what to do and share this blog to help your family and friends.

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