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10 Ways to Upgrade the Look and Feel of Your Bathroom


Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to update the style and usability of your space. You can create a more modern space, improve traffic flow, create more usable areas, and more when you remodel your bathroom.

While you may have lofty plans in mind for your newly remodeled bathroom, you should also consider working with a plumber to complete at least some aspects of your bathroom remodeling project.

In fact, these upgrade ideas can improve your space, but they generally will require assistance from a plumber.

Relocate Your Plumbing Features

You may think about how relocating some of your plumbing features can improve your bathroom. Some bathrooms may be awkwardly designed, and this may interfere with storage space, foot traffic and more.

For example, you may think about having a plumber move your bathtub to a corner of the room rather than a central location in the room to create a more open feel. You may also downsize from two sinks to one to create more counter space.

Replace Your Tub and Shower

Another idea is to replace your tub and shower altogether. While space may be limited in some bathrooms, others simply do not use space properly. You may have a combination bathtub and shower unit, but you may want these separated to create a more modern space.

With a separate shower, your fixtures may be visible through glass, and you may even be able to select a stylish, standalone bathtub. For example, a claw foot bathtub can look far more attractive than a standard, built-in tub.

Create a Separate Water Closet

In addition, you may also want to create a separate water closet area. When your bathroom is standing in the middle of the room or even in a visible location, it can detract from the look of your space.

Those who even walk by the room can see the toilet, and you may lose privacy. A plumber can relocate the toilet to a different area of the room so that it can be concealed. You can also choose a new style of toilet that looks more attractive and that can save you money with each flush.

Remodeling your bathroom can provide you with a number of benefits, but you do not want to complete this work on your own.

A smart idea is to create a design idea for your space and to get a quote from a plumber for the work that you want to complete in your home.

Let our team help you design the bathroom of your dreams. Call Arrow Plumbing at (501) 753-3838 for exceptional service in the Little Rock area.

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