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Slow drainage, low water pressure, overflowing toilets… these all may seem like unrelated plumbing problems, but the truth is, they may all be linked. These problems are often seen when your plumbing is in need of a thorough drain cleaning. Don’t keep calling the same plumber out to fix the same problem–obviously, there is a bigger issue at hand that needs a better solution.

At Arrow Plumbing, our solution is hydro jetting. We’re not trying to sell you on an overpriced, unneeded service, quite the opposite! Keep reading for more information on why we recommend this service, the benefits associated with it, and the costs to have it done. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Why Have Hydrojetting Performed in Your Home

Hydrojetting is the process of using water and high levels of pressure to blast away debris, clogs, biofilm, and even tree roots. Because this treatment uses water–and water only–it is safe for the environment, and safe for your family.

The fact that it is safe for your family is noteworthy simply because store-bought drain cleaners can cause burns to the skin, eyes, and lungs. These chemicals can also do damage to your pipes with prolonged use.

Another option that people readily turn to when their drains move slowly is snaking. When a plumber snakes your drain, he uses a tool to remove the clog. While this is a worthwhile option for the random clog near the surface of the drain, it won’t work for a blockage that is deep into your pipes. Also, snaking a drain will not remove hard water buildup and other sludge which allow for clogs to form a bit easier, but hydro jetting will!

You Might be Wondering About The Costs…

Although you might wonder about the costs of hydro jetting your drains, don’t worry too much.

Generally speaking, the price of this service can vary based on the severity of the clog and the type of drain that needs to be cleaned.

Hydro jetting can start as low as $150-500, and even if it sounds a bit pricey, it’s a service you won’t have to use repeatedly.

As mentioned, hydro jetting completely cleans you pipes leaving little to no debris to allow a new clog to form anytime soon. Also, if you treat drain cleaning as a routine home maintenance expense, scheduling it when recommended by your plumber, the average cost will plummet since the drains have less debris and buildup.

Call The Best, Call Arrow Plumbing!

Whenever you are ready to schedule a hydro-jetting service or drain cleaning, give Arrow Plumbing a call!

We offer emergency services as well as a live answer to your call around the clock. In addition to this, we offer upfront pricing (and stick to it) as well as honoring our 100% satisfaction guarantee, in the event you are unhappy for any reason!

Our technicians are on time, drug-free, and background checked. You will also never have to worry about cleaning up after us!

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