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Insulating a hot water heater is relatively inexpensive. The easiest way to insulate your tank is with a jacket or blanket that is precut. You will be able to use this insulation for many years! Insulation in an efficient tank should have at least an R-24 rating.  A well-insulated hot water heater saves money on a daily basis.
The tank’s thermostat determines at what temperature the tank keeps the water at all times. Water remains at the set temperature even when no one is using water. Commonly known as standby mode, an under-insulated heater can loose as much as 25 to 45 percent of its heat. Reducing the heat lost by insulating your hot water in an energy savings of approximately 4 to 9 percent.
If you place a bottom board or firm piece of insulation beneath the heater, you will decrease the amount of heat lost from the bottom of the tank. This can decrease your energy costs by another 4 to 9 percent. There is a simple way to tell if your hot water tank needs insulated. If the hot water tank is warm or hot to the touch, you are losing energy. The warmer the tank, is the more energy you are losing.
The insulation helps hold heat in, so it decreases the amount of energy the water tank needs to maintain its constant temperature. When you turn faucets on the reduction in heat loss means you will not have to wait as long for hot water. Reducing the waiting time decreases the amount of water going down the drain while you wait for the desired water temperature.
Installing water tank insulation is also an eco-friendly thing to do. It decreases water consumption and energy costs as well as the amount of carbon emissions released into the air. Insulating your hot water tank is an economical way for homeowners or businesses save on energy expenses, water consumption, and carbon emissions for a very low cost.
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