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Strategies for Boosting Low Water Pressure In Your House

If you thought you were stuck living with low water pressure in your home, you thought wrong. There are several strategies you can employ to boost low water pressure and get it up to your preferred standards. Try some of these tips today:

Adjust or Replace the Regulator

The regulator is a device installed to bring your water pressure to a manageable level in your home. Most water suppliers provide water that is too highly pressurized, so we need regulators to, well, regulate it.

If you are noticing that the water pressure in your home is low and needs a boost, you can always adjust the regulator to your preferred settings. If the regulator looks to be worn out or damaged, it is recommended to replace it to raise your water pressure to the desired level.

Check the Faucets

Sometimes, low water pressure is not a whole home issue. If you are noticing low water pressure in only one area of your home, such as in one specific faucet, the issue may be relating to the faucet, not the water pressure in general.

Many modern faucets are designed to conserve water and reduce waste. This means they are built with many small parts that all contribute to conservation.

One of the components found in modern faucets is a grid-like screen over the faucet with tiny holes that limit the amount of water that can get through the faucet at any given moment.

One of the most common issues involves sediment or debris blocking these holes, resulting in reduced water pressure. Before investing in expensive repairs or other costly measures to boost your water pressure, check the faucet first to make sure nothing is blocked.

Schedule Regular Drain Cleaning

Another common cause for low water pressure is clogged drains or blocked pipes. Over the years, hair, food, grease and oil collect in your plumbing system, binding together to create hard to remove clogs that harden over time. These clogs are directly responsible for many water pressure-related issues.

By scheduling regular drain cleaning or hydrojetting services, you can be sure that your drains and pipes are sparkly clean, and you are operating at peak water pressure. Professional cleaning is always advised over using a chemical drain cleaner, since chemical drain cleaners tend to eat away at your pipes, creating weak spots that are prone to rupture at inconvenient times.

Install a Booster

If none of these strategies seem to help or improve your water pressure, there is still one option left available. A water pressure booster is a device that attaches to your plumbing with the sole purpose of boosting your low water pressure. The system works by passing water through an electric pump into a pressure tank and then storing it in a reserve tank to be ready when you need it.

Call Arrow Plumbing, in Little Rock, AR, today and find out more about boosting your low water pressure and keeping your plumbing in good condition. Call 501-588-3200 today to speak with someone.


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