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Top Five Plumbing Myths

It is surprising how some plumbing myths get around the city of Little Rock. Here are what we consider the top five plumbing myths we have heard and found online.

#1 Clean Garbage Disposal With Lemons

Although it may be possible to freshen, or make your garbage disposal smell better by placing a lemon in and then operating it, this by no means actually cleans it. To do that, you should use a mixture of soap and water along with a brush for a good cleaning.

#2 Help Break Down Waste By Running Water While Operating Disposal

It is not true that just anything can be broken down in the disposal just by running water while using it. Things like onion skins should not be placed in a garbage disposal. Neither should thick skins like those found on bananas or pumpkins be placed in a disposal. Other things you should avoid placing in this appliance are the pits, or stones, or fruits. All of these can damage the equipment.

#3 Use Ice Cubes To Sharpen Garbage Disposal Blades

Some people say that ice cubes can be used to sharpen blades on garbage disposals. Don’t believe this myth because ice cubes will not only sharpen the blades, but can do the opposite instead. Generally speaking, these blades have about ten years of useful life and the abrasive nature of ice cubes tends to dull them.

After ten years of using a garbage disposal, it is more cost effective to consider changing the entire appliance if you think the blades are too dull to do a good job.

#4 Cleaning Plumbing Fixtures with Regular Soap Is Okay

Some people think that there is nothing wrong with cleaning the fixtures using ordinary soap. While it may make them shine and look clean, this practice can do more harm than it can good. Some soaps can damage fixture surfaces and should not be used in that way, but the real harm comes when they do nothing to kill the germs present on the surfaces.

To clean toilet bowls, use a disinfectant or germicidal preparation made especially for the job. Do the same for sinks to kill germs and keep the family safe. Brass plumbing fixtures can be effectively polished with a baking soda and lemon solution.

#5 Use A Plunger To Break Up A Blockage

Your first action should never be to reach for a plunger to break up a blockage, especially when there are children in the house. With all the household items that find their way into the toilet when small children are present, using a plunger to break up a clog could cause more damage. The first thing to do is use a strong wire to try to hook whatever is causing the blockage first and then call a plumber if that doesn’t work.

Keep these 5 myths in mind and your Little Rock plumbing should remain in good working order.

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