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Does your home need to be repiped?
It is important when one owns a home to do preventative maintenance. Taking the time and energy to repair potential problems can save a lot of money and heartache in the future. Some things are easy to see, such as a tear in the shingles on the roof or obvious water damage. Other things are out of sight and easily forgotten. One of the most forgotten things in the house is the plumbing because it is not seen. However, there are signs for the homeowner to look for to see if his house needs to be repiped.
One obvious sign that the house needs to be repiped is if the water sputters or comes in spurts when a faucet is turned to the on position. The sputtering could indicate air in the pipes. When air gets into the pipes, it is usually because the pipes are getting old and need to be replaced.
Another obvious sign of faulty pipes is a leak. A leak can be a sign of corrosion in the pipe. In addition, minerals deposit themselves in the pipes and collect, making getting new pipes a must. 
Anything coming out of the faucet besides water is a definite sign of faulty pipes and should be addressed immediately. In addition, odd tasting water should also be addressed immediately. These can be signs of old pipes but they can also be signs of dangerous and hazardous material in the water. It is important to call a professional as soon as possible. 
Taking good care of the plumbing in one’s home saves the homeowner a significant amount of money over time. Many times, however, the entire house needs to be repiped. Replacing old and corrosive pipes is important because dangerous material can collect in the old pipes, causing numerous health problems. Old and corrosive pipes can also burst, leaving behind significant water damage to the house. Indeed, repiping one’s home can save the life of the house.
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