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Benefits of a Plumbing Inspection for New Homeowners
If you are a new home owner you will want to pay attention to the content of this article. There are many important things you need to know after purchasing a new home. One thing that you do not need to ignore after buying your first home is your plumbing. The first thing you need to do after or before moving into a house is to call a professional plumber to have all of the pipes and fixtures checked over. Not doing this could cost you lots of money and may keep you from enjoying your new home.
Protect your investment from the moment it is yours by having those pipes inspected. Did you know that one busted pipe could destroy much of the value of your home? Just think about it for a second; say you went away from your home for the weekend and a pipe bursts inside your bathroom. Over the entire course of the weekend that broken pipe is flooding half of your home with hundreds of gallons of water. This could cause thousands of dollars in damage and restoration costs. If you had your home simply inspected for a very small fee you could have avoided this.
You even may be home when a plumbing emergency happens and not even know it until it is too late. Having a leaking pipe inside your walls could slowly spell disaster for your home. Along with that slow leaking pipe comes the chance of black mold growing in your walls. This black mold could spread over the entire home making it very dangerous for you and your family. Getting rid of this mold often requires tears down walls and flooring.
Don’t let your new investment end up being a money pit. Call a certified plumbing company today and have those pipes inspected. Are you in need of a home plumbing inspection in the Little Rock area? Call Arrow Plumbing at (501) 753-3838 and schedule a service call today!

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