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The Top 3 Bathroom Trends to Watch for in 2016

For many Little Rock homeowners, the bathroom is a popular remodeling area in the home. There are a variety of reasons why the bathroom is a popular area to remodel in the home. One of the main reasons is the desire for self-expression by some homeowners. While the bathroom is still considered a functional area in the home, the look of the bathroom has become an important part of the overall home design and décor.

In 2016, the bathroom will be at the center of many remodeling projects. In addition, there are numerous remodeling projects that can be done regarding the bathroom. The bathroom is an area that offers a wide range of decorative and feature options. Three top bathroom trends that homeowners may consider concerning their bathroom remodeling projects are:

1. The shower

2. The sink

3. Color changes

The Shower

The shower has typically been a highly utilized feature in many Little Rock homes. Some people primarily take showers while some people prefer taking baths. However, in 2016, a popular trend concerning many homeowners is taking the shower to an almost exclusive level. This is done in a variety of ways by homeowners. Two of the most popular ways is by using oversized showers or multiple shower heads.

The Sink

One of the constants in many bathrooms is the bathroom sink. However, a popular trend for 2016 still utilizes the sink as a primary feature in the bathroom, but the sink style is different. People are starting to prefer the use of under mount bathroom sinks because this particular sink style is widely considered easier to clean than the traditional bathroom sink.

Color Changes

A simple color change can alter the look of any bathroom dramatically. Many homeowners are stepping out beyond some of the colors that have been used recently in bathrooms. A few of the popular color trends for 2016 include various shades of tans, browns, greens, and whites.

Home trends change concerning every room and area in the home. For 2016, the bathroom has some interesting trends that a lot of homeowners will eagerly look forward to trying in their own homes. The idea and purpose of the bathroom has basically remained the same, but the look of the bathroom continues to evolve as homeowners look to try new and different things.

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