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How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient this Spring

Spring brings that warm weather that everyone eagerly awaits after months of harsh winter. This also means that your energy bills are going to soar with increasing use of the air conditioning system.

Making your home energy efficient is highly recommended if you are looking forward to save money on electricity bills.

By making certain home improvements you can make your home energy efficient. Here are some tips for you to save on energy use and money this spring.

Proper Ventilation:

Keep the heat out of your home and allow cool air in by keeping windows open. Whenever you find the outdoor weather to be cool, keep your windows open.

Night is the best time to keep the windows open so that cool air can come in. Shut the windows in the morning to keep your home cool by avoiding hot and humid air. Natural ventilation is the best way to make your home energy efficient.

Do the AC Operation Efficiently:

Keeping the indoor temperature at a comfortable level is what you should always aim at. Whenever possible keep the thermostat off, especially when you are going out. Set the thermostat temperature just lower the outside temperature.

This will help to keep your home cool even in a hot climate. Consider installing a programmable thermostat to make the temperature setting easy. Excessive cooling can lead to unnecessary energy usage. Try keeping the indoor temperature in the mid 70s. This is an optimal temperature for indoors.

Use Other Cooling Devices:

Ceiling fans also keep the indoor temperature cool and comfortable. Whenever possible, keep the ceiling fan on to allow good ventilation and increase cooling efficiency.

Fans create a wind chill effect and offer instant cooling for people. Using the exhaust fan is a good way to keep the heat and humidity away from your bathroom and home.

This acts as a good ventilation system for your home. The same rule applies for the kitchen too. Keeping the kitchen exhaust fan on will dissipate the heat emitted due to cooking.

Use Energy Star Products:

Energy Star certified products are designed to keep the energy usage minimal. If you are remodeling your kitchen this spring, then purchase all appliances with the Energy Star flags on it.

Avoid Using an Oven:

Preheating and oven baking can cause excess energy consumption. The process also releases heat into your indoor setting. On hot days, you can avoid using the oven and use the stove or microwave instead for cooking.

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