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Protect Yourself from Unclean Water with Help from a Trusted Superhero Plumber

Plumbers do more than help you out in a jam when you’ve got a clogged toilet or a burst pipe. They support your health and wellbeing too, which is a real superhero move.

Water quality figures heavily into your family’s health. Your plumbing can either help or hurt water quality, which is why you need to enlist the help of your trusty plumber here in Little Rock, AR.

What’s at Stake

Within 24 to 48 hours of consuming contaminated water, you can expect to start feeling flu-like symptoms which can vary in severity. Neurological, physiological and reproductive problems could also result.

The elderly, young children and the immuno-suppressed are in danger of developing very serious health complications. Some illnesses that can be sourced to unclean water are salmonella, E. coli, Hepatitis A, lead poisoning and arsenic poisoning.

How Your Plumber Can Give You Clean Water

Usually, water gets contaminated because of some sort of failure at the water purification plant. Perhaps if you’ve got well water, the water can be contaminated from the ground. Sometimes, pollution or environmental factors can cause water sources to be tainted.

It is possible that your water can be clean when it starts the journey to your home and then gets tainted from the pipes that it travels through. Some pipes contain lead (typical in older homes), which can leach into your water making you very sick.

Over time your pipes will corrode and break. These toxins will get into your water too. Also, if your pipes are cracked, water could begin to flow in the wrong direction, mingling fresh water with wastewater.

To address all of these concerns, have your plumber do a plumbing inspection for decay. Have your pipes upgraded to PVC piping, which is most durable, rust-resistant and diminishes the likelihood of leaching toxins into your water.

Conservation First

Another way that your plumber is a superhero is that his job is to help with water conservation.

As a first step, make sure that you report any leaks to your plumber so that you can stop water waste before it has a chance to start.

You can aid your plumber’s efforts by installing eco-friendly plumbing fixtures. These really cut down on water use in the home.

A dual flush toilet is a great example of how eco-friendly choices can alter your water footprint. A motion-activated faucet will work on-demand and a low flow showerhead lets you have a steamy shower without wasting water.

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