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DIY Gone Wrong


Three DIY Plumbing Projects Gone Wrong

Many weekend warriors take on simple DIY plumbing projects that appear simple enough to do in a day.

These projects are usually very simple in concept, but it isn’t until the homeowner has begun doing some work that they realize they may be in over their heads. This is when the experience that a professional plumber brings to the table can be very helpful.

Installing New Toilet

Installing a toilet is one of those DIY plumbing projects that appears simple at first. After buying the toilet at the local home center, the first problem many homeowners encounter is the bolt holes on the toilet do not match the bolts on the floor.

Once the right toilet is purchased, ensuring the gasket under the toilet is seated properly is difficult for a person with no experience. So if the toilet is installed and the gasket is not seating right, the water will leak each time the toilet is flushed. If you have a toilet installed on a second floor, the leaking water gets between the floors and starts causing serious water damage.

Installing New Sink

Many older homes have older bathroom sinks, and weekend warriors love to try to update the bathroom by removing the outdated sink and replacing it with a more modern style fixture.

The problem many homeowners encounter is that they are unfamiliar with venting and pipe cutting, so they do not install the unit correctly and leaks happen almost instantaneously.

This is why your local plumber should handle these type jobs, they bring with them the experience that allows them to install the sink quickly, without costing you down the road in repairs and replacement parts.

Installing New Bathtub

A new bath tub upgrade from a standard tub can provide years of soothing relation, that is if the installation goes without incident.

This might appear a simple upgrade, but the new tub needs to not only fit snug in the housing, you need to be able to then access the connections and make certain that are all secure and tight.

If you can not fit the tub or need to modify the housing to reach the connections, this project just became much more involved.

Your local plumber can quickly diagnose what is needed to drop the tub in quickly and make those connections easily. The experience they bring to the table will save you time, money, and aggravation.

We’ve seen too many DIY disasters. Save yourself the headache and call the professionals of Arrow Plumbing at (501) 753-3838 for service in the Little Rock area!

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