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Ways To Detect A Water Leak In Your Home

Detecting a water leak in your Little Rock home can be done with only a few steps and no cost. Some leaks will occur in the bathroom. Many leaks occur in the toilet.

Removing the lid off of the tank, and listening for a sound similar to a whistle. This is the first sign that there may be a leak in your toilet.

Examine Lines in Your Home

Another way to detect a leak is to examine the line that is running to your Little Rock home. Temporarily turn off the valve and inspect the meter by taking away the lid and studying the dial, located at the top of the meter.

The leak may be somewhere in the home, if the valve has been turned off and the meter has stopped moving.

If this is not the case, take a walk between where the meter is located and the valve. If you happen to see muddy areas in some locations and not in others than this could be evidence of a leak.

And if drops of water are coming out of the faucet after the faucet has been turned completely off, this is also evidence of a leak.

Call a Plumber to Locate the Leak

It is a huge money saver to be able to locate the leak, prior to calling a plumber. If the plumber has to determine the location of the leak and fix it, the cost of the trip is usually higher.

If the leak can be found and fixed that can save you even more money. Shower-head leakages can be extremely annoying, but fairly easy to fix.

The first thing that should be done is to make sure that the head of the shower fits securely unto the pipe stem. Sometimes these two pieces become loose, and all that is required is to tighten them back up again. If this does not work, purchasing equipment tape may do the trick.

Check Your Hot Water Tank

In other cases, calling a plumber is the safest way to fix a leak. For example, if a hot water tank has been detected to have a leak, it is not recommended that a layperson try to fix it.

Because of the complicated wiring in a hot water tank, it is best that someone experienced in plumbing attempt to solve the problem.

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