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The 5 Most Common Clogs in Toilets

Toilet clogs are very common and frustrating. They are also unexpected in many cases. However, if you know what commonly causes toilet clogs, then you will be better able to prevent another occurrence of a clog. The following are the most common causes of toilet clogs.

1. Toilet Paper

The most common cause of a toilet clog is there being too much toilet paper in the bowl.

For those that use a lot of toilet paper at a time, it helps to do some flushes so that you don’t wind up flushing too much down the bowl and clogging it.

It also helps to fold the toilet paper as opposed to balling up the toilet paper.

When toilet paper is balled up, it is already too big to fit in the drain. A combination of using less toilet paper and folding the toilet paper will solve the issue. In case of a clog, a plunger could fix the issue. However, if the problem persists, then call a professional plumber.

2. Feminine Hygiene Products

Often times, when feminine hygiene products get flushed down the drain, it results in a clogged bowl. One common cause for a clog is the tampon.

Tampons are known to collect water and then expand. Other feminine hygiene products include sanitary napkins which do not dissolve in the toilet. In the case of a clog from feminine hygiene products, the only solution is to get in contact with a plumber.

3. Hair

If you flush a large amount of hair down the toilet bowl, that could cause it to clog. If the toilet clogs up due to the build up of hair, it would require the help of a plumber to undo the clog.

4. Accidental Flushes

This occurs when some random object is accidentally flushed down the toilet bowl. It could be anything from a toy, a toothbrush, a coin, anything small enough to fit down the bowl.

Often times, these items are flushed before one realizes the item fell. As a result, the toilet is almost instantly clogged. This is another job for the professional plumber.

5. Toilet Fresheners

Be careful what type of freshener you use. If you use the air freshener that hooks to the rim of the toilet, then over time, the hooks could break down and cause the freshener to fall in the toilet.

If flushed, the freshener will clog the toilet. This would require the plumber to snake the drain to unclog the toilet.

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