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Discolored Water: Causes, Fixes & Prevention


Discolored water doesn’t have the greatest aesthetic appeal, but it isn’t necessarily a reason for concern. While it may look unsightly, there are several causes of discolored water that can be treated to fix the problem. Ultimately, you will want to employ a solution to prevent the problem from happening by calling a professional plumber.

What Are the Causes

A common cause for discolored water is your plumbing. The type of material used to carry water to your home can have a unique effect in changing the color of your water. Galvanized iron plumbing may give your water an appearance that is pale yellow or dark brown. This is due to the physical properties of iron. Over time, the inside of the pipe may corrode. As this happens, rust particles may be released and turn your water an unpleasant color.

Your hot water heater can also play a role in the color of your water. If the discoloration is noticed only when hot water is used, this in an indication of possible corrosion at your tank.

Can It Be Fixed
After a cause to your discolored water problem has been identified, the next step is fixing it. One solution is to replace your old pipes with copper. Unlike galvanized iron pipes, copper pipes will not rust and eliminates the chance of rust particles entering the water supply.

Replacing your pipes with plastic is another option. Like copper, plastic pipes will not rust and provide a better alternative to galvanized iron.

If your hot water tank is determined as the source of water discoloration, contact a qualified plumber to address the issue. Solving the problem may require the tank to be flushed or replaced completely. A plumber can also check for corrosion or a missing corrosion anode.

How Do I Prevent It

Now that the immediate problem has been resolved, it’s time to consider long term options toward prevention. Installing a water filtration and treatment system will help to avoid discolored water.

Water heater maintenance is another step in preventing discolored water. Systems that are flushed regularly will keep internal components clean and wash out any sediment in the tank.

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