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Instances When Replacing is Better Than Repair

It’s a good idea to do ongoing maintenance to try to extend the lifespan of your plumbing, plumbing fixtures, and appliances.

But how do you know when it just makes more sense financially to replace your pipes. For expert advice, you should rely on your Little Rock, AR plumber.

In the meantime, here are some telltale signs to help you distinguish between replacing and repairing.

The Washing Machine: Repair or Replace?

If your washing machine is more than eight years old that may be an indication right there that you’ll need a new one.

Another rule of thumb is if it is going to cost you 50 percent or more of what you paid for it you are likely better off just replacing or repairing.

In addition to age, get yourself a new washer if there are major leaks or if it is shaking when you use it.

What About the Water Heater?

Again, age will be a big determinant if you need a new water heater or not. Typically, a tankless heater will last close to 20 years, where a storage tank heater about half of that.

If you’ve got a small leak, or you sense a rotten egg odor, that is likely an easy fix. The rotten egg odor is coming from the anode rod, which you can replace easily.

In addition to age, one reason to replace your water heater is for energy efficiency. If you don’t have a tankless heater, you may want to consider this cost-effective upgrade.

Replacing the Kitchen Sink

Is your sink cracked? Does the garbage disposal make strange sounds? Are there leaks all the time?

You may have to replace your faucets or even the sink plumbing. For sure if you see evidence of corrosion on the pipes, you should replace it.

This is because the pipes will eventually leak a great deal if they are corroded. A stubborn clog or odor in your sink can be taken care of with a drain cleaning.

The Shower Head

Is your shower always leaking? Is the water pressure poor? Is there rust building up on the fixture?

These are all indications that you might want to get a new one. Although you can probably fix a small leak on your own if it continues it can be a real problem.

You’d be surprised at how much water a dripping shower head wastes. If you aren’t sure, don’t be afraid to call your plumber for a second opinion!

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