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How To Take Care Of Your Pipes During The Rainy Season

The rainy season here in Little Rock can be a relaxing, clarifying period of peace and tranquility. The soothing sounds of raindrops hitting the pavement can be mesmerizing. The growth of various delicate flowers all around brings many people a lot of joy and happiness.

Just about the only thing that doesn’t appreciate the heavy rainfall is most likely our outdoor plumbing systems. During periods of excessive precipitation, our pipes and drains often become overworked and without routine plumbing inspections, can create many problems later down the road.

What Effect Does Rain Have On My Pipes?

Water isn’t named the strongest natural element without good reason. When precipitation and moisture are at an all-time high, a neglected outdoor plumbing system doesn’t stand a chance.

When our pipes are faced with more water than they can hold, the result is an inevitable burst pipe. The heavy water doesn’t only weigh down the pipes, but also the ground that supports the whole system.

When too much moisture gets into the foundation of the plumbing system, elements will naturally shift and the result can be disastrous slab leaks in your home. A slab leak is often a serious issue because, in order to get to it, a contractor will need to open or remove sections of your slab. This can result in larger excavation and repair costs. It is important to keep an updated system, as the older the pipes, the more susceptible they are to water damage.

How Can a Sewer Backup Affect Your Home?

A water backup in your pipes occurs when there is a blockage that the sewer lines can’t handle. This causes major backup and can even result in the water coming back up the pipes since it has no place to go.

Common culprits that can offset a pipe are debris, rocks, leaves, and other natural elements. The easiest way to prevent this situation is by covering any exposed drains with a mesh cover. This stops larger debris from making their way into your pipes, keeping your pipes safe.

In the event a blockage does occur, always do your best to avoid using store-bought chemicals. They can be harsh on pipes, and for older homes, could lead to a faster deterioration of your old plumbing. Routine cleaning of the pipes can highly minimize the chances of excess gunk getting into them causing an unwanted backup.

Call A Professional Today

If you are a homeowner in Central Arkansas, now is the perfect time for a plumbing system inspection just before the rainy season picks up.

The best way to prevent the plumbing related problems that come along with heavy rain is to make sure your system is working properly before any issues arise and get a plumbing inspection!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding how to protect your pipes this Spring, feel free to give us a call at (501) 753-3838! Arrow Plumbing would love to hear your stories on how you stay protected during the rainy season!

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