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Slab leaks can lead to considerable damage and unexpected costs if they are not properly repaired. A slab is a layer of concrete that a house sits on if there is no basement. Problems with a leak that is in your slab can lead to expensive repair work and is most definitely a job for a professional plumber.
The first step that a plumber will do when arriving at your home is to perform an examination of a slab to get an overview of the area. Once this is done, then the next task is to find the leak. This is can be an easy or difficult task depending on the nature of the leak. Special tools are used for this process.
The second step that is performed by a plumber is to shut off the main water supply. This is easily done by locating the shut-off valve for your main water line. Closing the shut-off valve shuts off the water in the house. Your water may also need to be shut off at the street.

The third step is to remove a section of the slab directly above the leak. This can be done by taking off some tile of using power tools to if the pipe is buried under the slab. A jackhammer can be used if your piping is buried under the slab. A small hole is needed to access the buried pipe.
The fourth step that is performed by the plumber is to repair the pipe. This is done by using one of two methods. The first method is to use an epoxy to seal the leak in the pipe. Epoxy is fast drying and ends up super hard. The second method is to solder the pipe with a torch to seal the leak. The option for use at your home depends on the location of the leak.
The final step performed by the plumber is to open the shut-off valve to test the repaired pipe. The hole should be left as-is for a few days to ensure that the repaired pipe will not have any leaks.
Call the leak detection experts at Arrow Plumbing today to make sure your slab leak is handled correctly the first time! Your Little Rock plumber can be reached at 501-588-3200.

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