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Repipe Your Bathroom In No Time
Having your bathroom repiped may seem like a big job, but it can be accomplished efficiently by a licensed, plumbing company with experience in these types of projects. Repiping may be needed when the original plumbing system begins to fail or when inferior materials have been used in construction. Your local, licensed plumbing professional can advise you on the need for repiping in your bathroom when it is required.
When Is Repiping Needed?
Repiping is generally recommended in older homes that have experienced serious corrosion and failure of the original plumbing system. Homes that were constructed with alternative plumbing materials may have failures in the system sooner than expected. Any sudden drop in water pressure may signal the need for new pipes in your bathroom. Water flow that trickles out of the pipes during showers or any foul odor coming from the faucets can signal a corrosion problem. Consult with an experienced plumbing contractor to determine the extent of the damage and whether complete repiping is required.
Elements of Repiping Project
Repiping is an important construction project requires a trained and experienced plumbing contractor and professional equipment to do the job right. The project will require locating and removing the old pipe and replacing it with the new material. Proper fitting of joints is needed, as well as isolating pipes from nearby building materials to avoid rattling and noise in the home from plumbing operation. A good plumbing contractor will offer a warranty for both materials and workmanship, generally around five years.
Completion of A Repiping Project
Repiping a bathroom generally takes a one to five days. An experienced plumber will be able to strategically find and remove pipe sections, connecting them securely with the least amount of damage to drywall and flooring. Occasionally, structural problems within the home can cause additional plumbing issues that require more time for the project. These are generally resolved quickly so that the homeowner is not unnecessarily inconvenienced during the project.
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