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Sewer line replacement can be a costly and intrusive process for residential, commercial and mainline services. Typically, replacing iron or ceramic sewer pipes involves first detecting the line’s route, removing any surface obstructions ranging from roads and sidewalk to structures and then digging a trench the length of the line. After removing the old pipes, new pipe is brought in and the process is repeated only in reverse. Sometimes the job can take a few days, others it can tie up streets and property for weeks while the crews work overtime to get the job done.
An alternative technology, however, exists to avoid much of the interruption and inconvenience associated with sewer replacement jobs: trenchless sewer replacement. Depending on the circumstances of the existing sewer line, many sewer departments and private plumbers are opting for an easier and in many instances cheaper way to run a new line.

Trenchless sewer line replacement involves using sturdy flexible tubing run inside the existing line. As sewer lines are low pressure, there is no need for extensive welding or fittings to install the new line. What is needed is a rooter to run the length of the new line to clean out any debris or possible material broken from the wall of the existing old line. Then the new line is fed through the line off of a reel from an access point to the end of the old line. Once inserted workers attach fitting tying the line together and the job is complete. All can be done from one truck accessing one manhole point.
The one disadvantage is the existing line must have a diameter large enough to accommodate the new line. If the measurements check out then within hours a new sewer line is installed while the old line acts as a conduit already excavated – no digging, no trenches and a minimal amount of time.
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