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Stop Hard Water From Entering Your Home
A water softener breaks down the biological elements in hard water, including magnesium, calcium, and other natural minerals. These elements thrive in groundwater that enter the main piping systems of your home. At Arrow Plumbing we can do a routine test to measure the hardness of water. Calcium and magnesium reach an acidic state when they dissolve, when this happens, it creates a scale-like residue that builds up inside of pipes and other containers containing water. It conducts heat poorly, which slows down the flow of water dispensed through a pipe. When hard water comes into contact with soap it creates a sticky, foam-like scum, which reduces the potency of the soap’s lathering properties. If you are looking for a reliable Little Rock Plumber to install a water softener, Arrow Plumbing guarantees the best service around.
A water softener has the reactive agents to combat hard water residue. Some other popular solutions include filtration and reverse osmosis. Water softener recycling is a proven method to improve the chemical composition of water. It is an apparatus, plumbed into the water-supply system of your home. Water will undergo treatment through an ion-exchange process. This involves a trade for sodium over mineral compounds. The mineral tank is the core-membrane of a water softening system. It contains zeolites or resin (small polystyrene beads), which transmits a negative charge. Magnesium and calcium transfer a positive charge. When they enter the mineral tank, both elements will latch onto the beads. Sodium ions carry a positive charge as well, but they are not as dense as magnesium and calcium. There’s a dedicated brine tank inside of a water softening system, which creates a solution that recycles calcium and magnesium. This recycling process replaces both compositions with sodium ions.
To complete the process, water passes through three phases. First, there’s a reversal to flush out any particles or dirt in the water system. The next step involves a recharge process, where the sodium-rich solution will enter the mineral tank from the brine tank. Finally, there’s a treatment process, which eliminates magnesium and calcium to replace them with sodium.

Stop hard water from entering your home, contact Arrow Plumbing at (501) 588-3200 for a water softener installation.

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