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Questions You Should Ask A Plumber Before Hiring One


Owning a home is a wonderful example of loving disrepair. Over time, no matter how nice or expensive a house is, it will start to break down. Furnaces will go out, plumbing will get blocked up, and even faucets will start leaking. These are all minor frustrations that happen even to those million dollar homes in the hills. Now that we are facing the problem, we have to deal with it and get it repaired. There are hundreds of companies in the phone book and thousands more online that are all promising the world to us in exchange for their business. However, you shouldn’t just call up and hire the first company you see. Make sure to ask a few questions, first.

The first thing that a customer should ask a prospective plumber is: What work is actually going to be done, and how much will it cost me? It’s understandable that not all jobs are the same and sometimes the price fluctuates while working, but a plumber that can’t give you a firm answer over the phone is one that will likely change it on you when the bill arrives. So ask your plumber to clarify what duties he will be doing. T his gives both of you clear expectations for what to expect out of the work, and the bill.

The next thing you should ask a potential plumber is: How long will this job take? Delays happen. Kids get sick, cars break down, and things come up to take you out of the home. However ,most plumbers should be able to stick to the schedule that they outline for you. Asking this question is underrated because most people don’t think to ask. Knowing an estimate going in will allow you to know when things are going wrong, or taking too long.

The two most important things we possess in the relationship with a plumber happen to be time, and money. Knowing how both of these things will play out, before hiring anyone, is a surefire way to make sure that you are happy with your plumbers work.

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