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Homeowner’s Tips for Summertime Fun for the Water Conscious



Having fun with water play and swimming in the summertime is a great way to enjoy time together as a family.

If you’ve got a lawn and garden that you spend hours taking care of, the summertime is the season that you get to reap the rewards of your labor.

However, these benefits usually involve increasing your household water use. This can be problematic on a couple of counts. Not only does using more water increase your water bills, it means that you are not doing your part to aid with the global water crisis.

You can have fun and maintain your garden and lawn guilt free. You just need to be mindful and step up your conservation efforts wherever you can. Here are some handy tips.

Extra Conservation Ideas

So if you are aware that you’ll need to use more water this summer, here are some ideas on how you can reduce your water use in other areas, to balance things out.

To start, be extremely vigilant for plumbing leaks. At the first sign of a drip or pooling water, get that leak fixed straight away. You’d be surprised at how much water a plumbing leak wastes.

Some other easy ways to save water include taking your car to a car wash, instead of washing it at home. In the kitchen, don’t defrost food under running water.

When washing dishes by hand, don’t leave the water running to rinse dishes. When cooking, only fill pots with as much water as needed. Reserve the cooking liquid to use on your plants.

Fun Outdoor Leisure

Are you and your family looking to cool down in your backyard this summer? If you are lucky enough to have a backyard pool, make inspection for leaks and tears in the liner part of your ongoing pool maintenance, so that you’re not wasting water.

Running through the sprinkler is a fun way to cool down for all ages. If you don’t have a sprinkler, you can easily make one by punching holes in a pool noodle and attaching a hose at the end with duct tape.

Sprinkler and Hose Tips

When taking care of your garden, make sure that cracked or aging hoses aren’t leaking (and wasting) water.

Direct sprinklers to your lawn, and not to the roof or driveway, most importantly, don’t forget to run through them! Use a misting attachment on a hose to dampen plants, or use a watering can to conserve even more water.

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