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Fourth of July Plumbing Tips

It’s been a day of celebrating and enjoying family and friends. The Fourth of July is an important day to commemorate our independence and to appreciate our many freedoms. If you’ve celebrated well, you’ve experienced pool parties, neighborhood parades, and fireworks displays.

However, if you’ve hosted a party with lots of guests, amidst all the festivities you might find yourself with some less than festive plumbing issues. This post will give you some plumbing tips to help you handle even the best of holiday parties without a plumbing crisis.

Protecting your Kitchen Sink

As you well know, food and grease should never go down your kitchen sink. However, when you’re hosting a party, it’s often hard to control what goes in the sink or down the drain.

This is especially true if everyone seems to congregate in the middle of the kitchen, which so often happens at parties. Rather than worrying about what might be put in your sink during your next party, preemptively protect your sink and pipes by installing a grease trap.

Grease traps can stop grease and solids before they get in your wastewater system and can help protect against backups in your system. So, rather than being anxious about your kitchen sink during your next event, install a grease trap and enjoy some extra peace of mind.

Preparing for Toilet Clogs

Unfortunately, if you’re going to have lots of guests in your home, it’s important to prepare for a toilet clog or two.

While you’re likely careful to ensure that only toilet paper goes in the toilet, sometimes guests are not as vigilant or respectful of your pipes.

Since you can’t control what your guests might put in your toilet, it’s best to be prepared for a clog in order to avoid a massive clog or plumbing crisis. Every restroom that guests are going to use should have a plunger easily accessible.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that all bathrooms are fully stocked with toilet paper. If you have special instructions about how to ensure a proper flush or want to remind guests to only flush toilet paper and waste, you could consider posting a friendly reminder or note. Some extra finishing touches are up to you, but this simple touch can prevent toilet repair!

Accessing Your Shutoff Valve

Whether you’re having guests or not, one important thing to know is how to access your main shutoff valve.

This valve turns off the water supply to your entire house and means that if you have a leak or a plumbing emergency, you can quickly shut off all water.

This can avoid having a flood and can minimize damage to your home. If you don’t already know where this is, take some time to locate it and ensure that you can quickly access it if needed. This could be the difference between simply a plumbing mishap and a full-fledged crisis.

Happy Fourth of July from all of us at Arrow Plumbing. We hope these plumbing tips are helpful and that your celebrations are free of plumbing emergencies. But, should you have any issues, you can call us 24/7 at (501) 753-3838.

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