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The Main Three Water Heater Regulations and Their Importance
Domestic water heaters are developed products that utilize electricity, gas and oil to make portable water at convenient temperatures. The energy regulation agency has hence developed regulations to ensure efficiency safety and cost minimization in the current economies.

According to the agencies, these regulations will impact on how manufactures design, distribute and install their water heaters. Although the changes will have less change on domestic users, the end result is estimated to save over 25 percent of bills depending on the type of water heaters used.
The energy factor is on the regulations on water heaters. The energy regulation board provided the conservation standards for domestic water heaters. This is to help Little Rock users identify the best suitable heaters depending on the energy source used.
An example is the gas fire water heater that should have a storage volume of between 20 and 100 gallons. This will hence reduce the gas cost by over 15 percent. Electric storage heaters are also recommended to be at a volume of between 30 and 120 gallons. According to the energy regulation board, the energy factor regulation has saved the economy a substantial cost of energy production.
An energy efficiency and conservation standard is the second regulation. This regulation aims at ensuring implementation of efficient Little Rock water heaters that will result to use of minimal energy. The energy regulation board had taken the initiative of expanding the knowledge of types of energies suitable for water heaters.
Despite the fact that electricity is the most common energy, the board is campaigning on the use of other alternative sources of energy like the solar energy. In the year 2015 only, the use of solar connected water heaters saved the United States economy over 25 million dollars. The energy regulation board has been working closely with the National appliance energy conservation agencies to ensure that water heater energy sources are diverse. This is to ensure efficiency, clean energy production and also human safety.
The grind enabled domestic water heaters is the third regulation. The energy conservation act was developed to ensure all domestic users implement the use of oil water heater for water above 50 gallons. The energy regulation board rated the storage volume to be equal to the capacity of the water heater, which should be certified by the manufacturers. According to the energy regulation board, this regulation has resulted to minimization of oil fired to less than 200 KBty/h.
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