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Experience Lower Water Bills When you try These 4 Things

As a savvy homeowner in Little Rock, AR, you are always on the lookout for ways to help protect your home and cut costs as well. That’s why being proactive with managing your water use and minimizing waste should be an essential part of your strategy.

It’s important to develop a plan before you start. Here is how you too can experience lower water bills and save your hard-earned dollars for something else.

Switch Your Bath for a Shower

While retiring to a warm bath at the end of a long day is a real treat, jacking up your water bills as a result is not worth it. Running a bath uses a significantly greater amount of water.

However, if you are in the habit of getting in the shower and letting it run for a long time, you may be creating an even bigger problem for yourself, erasing those savings.

To keep your shower as a money-saver, set a timer so that you know when to get out; install low-flow showerheads for maximum savings.

Take Your Car Out to be Washed

As a general rule of thumb, you often DIY wherever you can to save on costs at home. One exception to that rule is washing your car.

Washing your car at home means running the hose, and much of that water runs down the driveway. This promotes waste and runs up your bills. For savings, take your car to the carwash instead.

Greywater for Your Plants

The good news is that you can have great looking plants and be environmentally friendly at the same time. You don’t have to fill that watering can with water from the tap.

Plan ahead and use greywater (water that has already been gently used for washing or cooking). Keep your cooking liquid; wash your dishes in a basin and reserve that water. This water is even better fertilizer for your plants.

Be a Leak Detective

Want to know what really wastes water around your home? Plumbing leaks. If you’ve got a burst pipe or a major leak, you’ll obviously know that you’ve got to fix it. However, some of the most wasteful plumbing leaks are those that are not obvious to the naked eye.

Some signs to watch for are moisture on pipes, damp spots, rushing sounds of water in the walls and mold growth. Want to really max out your savings? Upgrade to eco-friendly plumbing fixtures that are efficient and stylish too.

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