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The plumbing system is a critical part to the overall function of a home. While do-it-yourself projects may be an option for very small tasks, generally, a professional plumber will be needed for any major plumbing issues in the home. Whether it’s for a new build or an emergency repair, hiring a reputable, licensed plumber will ensure that quality work is provided, and that the homeowner enjoys efficient, problem-free plumbing.
If a decision is made to hire a plumber, it is important to first establish the type of plumber needed. There are plumbers that do repair services and there are also plumbers that work on remodeling or new building projects. To find viable options, ask around to individuals you know, such as your neighbors, friends, real estate professionals and contractors for referrals or recommendations for reputable plumbers in Little Rock, AR.
Independent research is a necessary part of the process.
It is imperative to verify licensing on each plumber being considered. Check for any complaints that may have been lodged against the license number. Additionally, it should be verified that the plumber has workers’ compensation and liability insurance coverage. The plumber’s knowledge (or lack thereof) will help to determine if the plumber’s services is reputable.
Pricing is a critical element in the process of hiring a plumber. Obtaining a few estimates is highly recommended. The goal isn’t necessarily to find a bargain, but to find the best value for the services performed. Plumbing rates can vary greatly, so understanding this part will help to minimize shock and confusion when reviewing service rates. The cost of an emergency repair like a leaky pipe may be on a different scale than the cost of installing new pipes in a newly built bathroom. Service charges may be higher for emergency calls after hours versus daytime requests. Pricing structures can also include fixtures, add-ons, and warranties. These factors also require the need to obtain a written agreement once a plumber is chosen for hire.
To ensure that the best decision is made, following the above recommendations will heavily impact the result of the plumbing work and will protect the value of your home.
Don’t just hire any plumber! Do your research and contact Arrow Plumbing, your experienced & professional specialists in Little Rock at 501-753-3838. We look forward to earning your business.

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