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How and Why You Should Repipe Your Home

Little Rock PlumberPlumbing Problems Mandating the Repiping of Water Pipes In One’s Home

The most frequent cause for a homeowner in the United States to have to repipe the water pipes in his or her home. The cause is old galvanized pipes that are leaking within or outside the home causing not only a waste of water, but also water intrusion, and rust in the water pipes that appear when the tap is turned on. Water intrusion into a structure is the most common and expensive cause of damage needing to be remediated by the homeowner. We can help you with our repiping services.

Drinking rusty water is not good for humans and animals. Rust in the water also can discolor clothes in the wash cycle and will clog up the filters in the faucets where water flow becomes severely restricted.

The second reason why water pipes may need to be replaced is due to the fact that they were installed illegally and are not in compliance with the Uniform Building Code as adopted by a given county’s or city’s building department mandating their replacement.

The third reason why water pipes in one’s home need to be re-piped is due to leaking copper pipes at the joints that have given way allowing water intrusion within the structure resulting in dry rot and potentially mold.

The three most common ways to repipe one’s home is through new copper piping, coating the existing water lines with a plastic lining for the water to travel through, and finally, “pex” piping which is a durable plastic pipe

RepipingHow Long Will It Take to Repipe My Home?

The size of the home and degree of water problems ordinarily dictates the cost and time for to repipe one’s home. For example, if the existing water pipe system (galvanized or bad copper pipes) is removed from a home, then the time to open up all the walls, replace the pipes with new copper pipes or the “pex” piping. Perform a pressure test to make sure there are no leaks and seal up the walls and repaint. The time to complete an average two-thousand five hundred (2,500)square foot home is ordinarily one to two weeks.

However, the use of the plastic lining process to complete an average two-thousand five hundred (2,500)square foot home is ordinarily three to four days, assuming there are no problems encountered. The plastic lining process minimizes the tear out time and costs for actual replacement of the problematic water system in a home.

Why Should My Regular Plumber Repipe My Home? 

Most regular plumbers in one’s community are equipped to tear out piping in a home, replace it, re-do the sheetrock and paint. Likewise the local plumber does have the equipment to install the plastic lining process. That is why a homeowner facing water pipe issues should consult with an experienced plumbing company in his or her community. Such a company should be able to provide the home owner with plenty of referrals and detailed written bid as to time and cost for the repiping.

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