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Are you in need of a new water heater?
No matter whether you are in the market for a water heater right now or at some point in the future, you might be wondering about the differences between traditional tank water heaters and tankless water heaters. Tank Water heaters are large capacity tanks that hold many gallons of water and keep this water hot at all times. Tankless water heaters operate by quickly heating a much smaller volume of water on an as-needed basis. Below are a few more of the key details that differentiate these two water heater types.
Capacity: Both systems are able to provide continuous hot water when sized appropriately but with their larger size, tank water heaters are often able to provide a greater volume of hot water for very high demand situations. This is very convenient if, for example, you have four people that need to shower in the morning while you’re running the dishwasher.
Efficiency: Tankless units are perfect for average hot water demands as they can keep up with a normal amount of hot water and are good at heating water quickly. Because they do not continuously heat 50 gallons of water all day long, they are more energy efficient than a traditional tank heater which many homeowners notice in lower energy costs after converting to tankless water heaters. Modern tank water heaters are far more efficient that older ones but still not quite at the level of a tankless unit.
Size: Large tank water heaters are normally installed in basements or dedicated mechanics rooms alongside furnaces. The physical water heater is significantly smaller with a tankless unit which means it has greater flexibility in where it can be installed including small spaces within bathrooms or kitchens. The small size can be a benefit for those in small homes/condos as well as those in a very large residence with several people using hot water. In these situations homeowners may choose to install multiple tankless units with one specifically for the bathrooms and another for kitchen and/or laundry needs. This is one way to increase the capacity for high hot water demand.
Cost: Up-front costs are lower with a tank water heater both for the units and for installation. Depending on how long the homeowner intends to use the unit, the lower operating costs of the tankless units may make it the more cost-efficient choice over the long run.
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