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There are many ways to tell when your home is having a water leak, and the quicker you find the leak, the less water damage will occur. One of the easiest ways to detect a leak inside your home is by smell. If water has been sitting in an area for a while, mold will begin to cultivate. Mold can be dangerous for your health and it lets off a distinct smell throughout the house. Stopping a water leak is not only important to prevent water damage, but it is also crucial to protect your well being, as well.
Detecting a water leak throughout your home can be simple if you check areas that transfer or produce water regularly. By doing this, you can prevent a water leak before it starts to get worse. A common area to check for water leaks is in your bathroom, near the toilet. Some lines may be able to burst or the water containment unit may overflow without you knowing. The bathroom may also present sewage blockages, which may overflow into your bathroom. Another common area that has been known for water leaks is the laundry room. The laundry room transfers large amounts of water, and lines have been known to break and release large quantities of water.Unnatural levels of humidity is also a telltale sign of a leak inside of your home. Once again, with high levels of humidity, mold will also form which is the easiest way to detect a leak if it has been ongoing. A water leak may also be detected by wet spots under the carpet. Most water leaks are often not found before it’s too late because they are concealed under the carpet. To check under the carpet, simply remove a few staples next to the corner and lift. Usually you should be able to tell if water has spread under the carpet, if not simply check for wet spots.

Suspect mold may be hiding in your home or you’ve detected a leak, contact Arrow Plumbing, your Little Rock Leak Detection Specialists today at (501) 753-3838. 

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